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"Bellicus" was used in the first half of this offical 60-second promo for ABC's new show, Of Kings And Prophets.

Erick's tracks "Cultum" (:15-35) and "Bellicus" (:42-1:16, 2:57-3:47) - both from Killer Tracks' "Shock and Awe" album - were used in this hilarious promo on Jimmy Kimmel Live! feat. Tracy Morgan.

"Unbreakable Will" off of Erick's debut trailer album was used in a promo for ABC's The Family.

Erick’s music can be heard in the first half of the trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2.

USA Network's hit Sci-Fi show, Colony, has been renewed for a third season! Tune in to hear some of Erick's music!

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