Erick's cue, "Beacon 13" was used in the TV Spot titled "Epic Finale" for Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2

The V.O.D. Trailer for Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials used Erick's music from his debut trailer album, "Incendium"

Erick's ethereal cue from Brand X Music, "Solo Expedition" was used in Trailer 2 for Anabelle: Creation

Erick's piece "Observation of Creation" from his debut album with Audio Network was used in the Mid-Season 3 Trailer for Star Wars: Rebels

"Adonis" from the X-Ray Dog catalogue was used in the trailer for Amazon's Niko and the Sword of Light

Erick's tracks "Bellicus" and "Cultum" were used on Jimmy Kimmel Live! after the 88th Oscars broadcast on ABC

Erick's track titled "Cross The Line" from Brand X Music's catalogue was used in several TV spots for NBC's Allegiance

"Bellicus" was used for the official 60-second promo for ABC's Of Kings And Prophets

"Unbreakable Will" off of Erick's debut trailer album "Incendium" was used in the "Sinned" promo for ABC's The Family

Erick's cue "Come Out Come Out" from Brand X Music was featured in multliple Vikings promos

One of Erick's cues from Brand X Music and two cues from Audio Network were featured in Mythbusters

Erick's cues, "Warfare" and "Destroyer" were both used during the All Stars Tournament Finale of Food Network's hit reality show, Chopped

VH1's Basketball Wives: LA has used many of Erick's cues from the Groove Bank catalogue

Erick's cues "Jump The Fire" and "Stay The Course" appeared on E Network's hit show, Escape Club

Erick's cue "New Start" from the Groove Bank catalogue was used in TLC's "Who Do You Think You Are?"

"Clash Of Fury" was used on Fox's animated series, Golan The Insatiable

"Bellicus" off of Killer Tracks' Shock and Awe album was used in multiple episodes of Wardens

ESPN's hit series of films, 30 For 30, has used Erick's "Warfare" track he produced for Fired Earth Music as the Marvel Theme Song

Erick's music has been edited and rebuilt for a number of SUPER BOWL 49 promo videos

Erick's first trailer, "Final Dawn" from the Fired Earth Music catalogue, was used in several UFC Countdown videos

Erick's track "Clash Of Fury" off of Fired Earth Music's "Indestructable" album was used on WWE Smackdown