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Eagle's Flight - Brand X Music

Ominous low booms, huge brass, and choir swells over evolving, warm synth pads. Double-timed swells enter at 1:00 with grand orchestral wonderment and awe until 1:38. Angelic tag with processed sub hits to end.

Fascination - Brand X Music

Innocent and magical processed piano and harp over synth reverses and string swells to start. Larger orchestral swells with processed female vox and sollo cello at :33; high, soaring strings accompany these wondrous waves of textures until 1:13. Piano out. 

Maiden Voyage - Brand X Music

Our journey begins with textured synth pads and distorted leads which present a wash of ambient emotion. Strings and minimal synth arps are introduced at :29 to raise intrigue. The promised land is delivered at :56 with full orchestra and choir; the voyage has reached its destination by track's end.

Solo Expedition - Brand X Music

*FEATURED IN ANABELLE: CREATION TRAILER 2* Exploration begins with open pads with evolving layers and textures. We get hints of the main melody at :25 and :45 in thin, delayed synth leads and ethereal, processed choir. Delayed percussive hits follow. A children's chorus sings the main melody soars over descending bass synths at 1:10 as we descend into the depths of one last exploratory expedition.

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