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Loneliest Hour - Heliotrope Music by Twelve Titans Music

Somber, intriguing and mysterious piano introduction. Act 2 begins at :36 with melodic, undulating strings over a low short string ostinato and synth pulses. Tension increases as strings rise at 1:08 with percussive downbeats and rhythm following at 1:24​, and with greater intensity at 1:40 and again at 1:56. Act 3 explodes at 2:12 with choir and brass belting a daring melody. A final push for justice at 2:29 and a hugely-impactful ending at 2:44. Piano tag to end. 

The Unknowable - Heliotrope Music by Twelve Titans Music

Ominous pedal-point intro; a distant solo female vocal line soars in the background. Synths and short strings start a small motor at :32, with horns and brass leading us to Act 2 at :48. Full orchestra gives us hope and determination until 1:20. Choir and strings start to ascend and intensify our hero's journey until 1:52, when Act 3 erupts with incredible luster and grace; Horns continue to rise over a choral counter melody and ever faster-moving short strings until a monstrous Act Out at 2:24. Ethereal synth pad and vocal outro.

Ascension - Heliotrope Music by Twelve Titans Music

Act 1 is a minimal piano and harmonic string introduction over a warm string ensemble. Low booms and full strings start Act 2 at :37 with a slight piano top-line. Synths begin wash over the enveloping strings for textural bliss from :44 - 1:09. The percussive ensemble slams on downbeats while filtered synth arpeggios double a quickly-developed short string motor. We march into Act 3 at 1:42 with choir and ethereal synth leads blaring over a monstrous low brass ensemble. Counter rhythm starts at 1:58; the exit begins it's ramp at 2:10. Warm, piano ending.

All For One - Heliotrope Music by Twelve Titans Music

Sound design and undulating synth textures to begin; low strings and a riser begin around :15 and end Act 1 at :31. An electronic, percussive groove immediately follows. Guitars and short strings join at :40 and ascending horns and brass join at :49. Breakdown at 1:06 with synth pulses and distorted guitar. Full orchestra punches in at 1:24 to expand our wondrous horizons; solo vocal at 1:42 leads to Act 3 at 1:59 with expansive horns, choir and monstrous percussion. Insane orchestral and percussive stabs from 2:30 - 2:39, with a small string and synth-arpeggiated outro. 

Thoughtful Prayer - Heliotrope Music by Twelve Titans Music

A warm, heartfelt piano introduction followed by introspective strings for Act 1. Expansive piano begins Act 2 with an analogue synth arp over short strings and low string blasts; full strings enter at 1:00 to state the main melody, and again at 1:30 when common-tone horns, choir and percussion enter to support the high strings. Full orchestra grows over a building rhythm to introduce Act 3 at 2:00. Greater percussion supports the choir and horns until the melody returns in all its glory at 2:30, with a lift in intensity from 2:45 - 3:03. Piano tag to end.

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