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Machine Hell - Handmade Sounds

"Solemn and pulsating with a dismal, hostile mood. Low Booms, hollow pads, and gritty synth textures begin this track. String bends appear at 0:34. Distorted chugging guitars and deep pulses propel us forward to impending doom. Huge wooshes and booms at 1:14 and 2:00. Low drones and stuttered reverses take us out at 1:46. Bending synth leads to finish."

Factory of Death - Unknown Artist

"Pulsating and solemn with cinematic elements creating an eerie, ominous mood. Distorted pads start this sinister track until monster blasts appear at 0:18, 0:35 and 0:53. Eerie percussion and horrific strings follow with dirty guitars, synths and pulses to raise intrigue. A bending synth lead takes the stage over unwavering and pads to finish this piece; one final blast at 2:07."

Don't Look Back - Handmade Sounds

"Solemn and heavy with cinematic elements, featuring dark drones and percussion that create a creepy, fearful mood. Clashing pads and string FX over electronic ambience to start. Tension rises and builds with horror tones, pulses and hits. Rise and synth blast at 1:26. Low booms and metallic hits creep onward. Ghost-like textures with more string FX and electronically crushed synths from 1:30 to finish."

Temple Guardians - Handmade Sounds

"Heavy and apprehensive with a foreboding, threatening mood. Low pads open under electronic elements, percussion and sub hits. Crushed synths lead into mechanical, sound designed percussion over eerie bells. String trems provide uneasiness. Tension increases at 1:20, double-timed at 1:36 with ticking clocks. Stutter riser up until 1:53. Drones with ambient booms to end."

He's Coming - Handmade Sounds

"Solemn and pulsating with cinematic elements that create a bleak, eerie mood. Glassy pads with electric-glitch ambience to start. Bending synth lead follows over hushed ticking percussion. Filtered alarms and synth pulses start the drama at 0:53. Huge risers from 1:24 - 1:41, to a neutral act-out. Opening section repeats over eerie metallic pads that question if the danger is really over."

*All descriptions transcribed from the Handmade Sounds Sales Team

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