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Urban Release - Handmade Sounds

"Smooth and reflective, featuring pleasant synthesizer, electric guitar and synth drums that create a slick, soothing mood. Soft delayed synth to start surrounded by soft pads. Processed solo string at 0:19 and 1:08. Groove starts at 0:29 under multiple stutter synths, arpeggios and pads. Breakdown from 0:56 - 1:24. At 1:24, electric guitar comes in for a ballad type of melody. Repeats riff at 1:52. Button at 2:20 for a calm end."

Lounge Dreaming - Handmade Sounds

"Breezy and dreamy, featuring smooth acoustic guitar and synthesizer that create a calming, soothing mood. Acoustic Guitar rhythmic figures over synth bells to begin. Main groove starts at 0:16. Distant piano adds textures until a small break from 0:33 - 0:42. Guitars and Piano trade melody. Synth Bell and arpeggio break at 1:13. Main groove comes back in from 1:32 - 2:04. Ends with Acoustic Guitar and a piano."

Island Cruise - Handmade Sounds

"Spacious and atmospheric with ambient elements, featuring warm synthesizer and keyboards that create a mellow, fulfilled mood. Psychedelic pads to start over bongo rhythm and synth arpeggios. Groove starts with synthetic percussion at 0:10. Main melody call-and-answer style at 0:43 with electric piano and synth keys. Breakdown at 1:24 with more psychedelic pads. Main groove back in at 1:44; out begins at 2:04 with electric piano to end."

Empty City Strollin' - Handmade Sounds

"Smooth and spacious with ambient elements, featuring atmospheric electric guitar and synthesizer that create an introspective, dreamy mood. Ambient guitar to start, followed by synth keys and guitar textures. Groove starts at 0:26. Background vocals and organ provide ethereal textures amongst bells and synth leads. Breakdown with electric guitar from 1:14 - 2:01. Main theme returns to close."

Late Night Swim - Handmade Sounds

"Smooth and lush with ambient elements, featuring floating synthesizer and piano that create a dreamy, mellow mood. Washy synth and piano to start. Warm spacious pads envelop the main riff. Percussion begins at 0:21. The main groove kicks in at 0:42 with a subtle breakdown from 1:04 - 1:25. Ending from 2:07"

*All descriptions transcribed from the Handmade Sounds Sales Team

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