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Nucleus Morphing - Brand X Music

Eerie pads and bent synths lead us to distorted noise and sound design. Huge crushed kick hits propel us to an empty shed in the middle of nowhere. Breakdown at :46 with atonal piano phrases over strange ticking there someone behind you? Filtered drums and noisy kicks ​move faster and faster; the chase is on as you run for your life.

Darkest Night - Brand X Music

Low pulsing percussion and sound design introduce us to a sinister beat. Ominous low short strings at :23 and choir swells at :37; a brass swell gets us out of danger at :44. Effected piano over cursed tonal percussion until 1:06. Danger strikes with ambient and creepy orchestra over metallic hits. The drama unfolds as emotional tension and mystery are heightened until 1:55.

Come Out Come Out - Brand X Music

Metallic hits over creepy pads, slight pulses and rhythm set the scene for horror. An eerie bell-like melody chimes at :22, with tense short strings following close behind. We wait for danger to pass at :39 with string clashes and sound design-like percussion. The killer is out for blood at 1:08: horrific brass swells under tense, rising short string and synth arps let us know we're in will we escape?

Gorgon - Brand X Music

Synth pads and bending sound design until :35, when they're joined by delayed drums and processed percussion. A  bell-like synth sets an intimate mood. Galloping percussion, synth pulses and ticking sound design increase tension and mystery from 1:12 to the end of this intense cue.

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