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Hemispherectomy - Brand X Music

"The laboratory crackles and hums with threatening low textures. Stingers and rises scream at the unearthly experiments conducted within. Blasts enter at :30 with distant alarm calls keeping hope alive, if only you can last that long..."

Inebriated Intubation - Brand X Music

"Sub textures, looming drones and eerie reverses light the ominous and disparate path you've just stumbled upon. Subtle dread is the name of the game and agony is slowly increasing [with each passing moment]..." Your heart races for rescue and no one answers your call...

Laparotomy - Brand X Music

"Standing before you is the tortuous table of the psychopathic surgeon. Imminent danger awaits with low drones, sub hits, and terrifying textures. You fall deeper and deeper under the anesthesia as the doctor's tools take over and your nightmare begins...[all while you're awake]"

Metastasis - Brand X Music

"Tainted hits and stingers blare over an eerie drone. Ticking clock joins at :37 to build anxiety and a sense of impending doom. Chaotic layering commences and detonates a final hit"

*All descriptions transcribed from the Brand X Sales Team

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