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Unbreakable Will - BMG Production Music & Selectracks

*FEATURED IN: ABC'S THE FAMILY TV SPOT* Intriguing, mysterious piano to start. Orchestral climax at :39. Choir begins Act 2 with an elongated version of the melody. Distorted synth pulses ground us while a subtle piano arpeggiates the melody under high soaring strings at 1:07; percussion doubles at 1:17 to lead us to a climax at 1:27. A propulsive, hopeful, ogranic build escalates from 1:31 - 2:10, culminating in stabs busy with short strings. Rise into a string melody accompanied by a chorus at 2:13 with a perc breakdown from 2:33 - 2:38. Final push with slamming drums, massive brass chords and blaring horns until 3:20

Hero Of The Damned - BMG Production Music & Selectracks

Alternating synth pulses over eerie, oscillating pads with perc that builds until :39. Short strings follow over low swells with a stop down at 1:03. Heroic horns belt a daring melody over busy short strings and ever-growing percussion. Descending long strings join at 1:45 to add emotion; stop at 2:01. Emotional re-entry at 2:03 with full orchestra and bigger synth percussion until a drop down at 2:22. The adventure continues with an action-packed back-end including heroic horns, convoluted choir, strong short strings and powerful percussive elements. Tag at 3:30.

Battle For Supremacy - BMG Production Music & Selectracks

Processed piano underneath texturally-exquisite string harmonics and undulating synth textures to begin. Drop down at :30 with determined short strings and synth pulses beginning Act 2. Big downbeats, low orchestral swells and building horns grow until 1:03. Desperate long strings sing over a descending bass and escalating horns until 1:32. Intense low brass, synth ticks and choir follow until 1:56, with stops until 2:02. Soaring choir re-enters to end this track with answering long strings and progressive synth perc and short strings.

Splitting The Earth - BMG Production Music & Selectracks

*FEATURED IN KING'S QUEST: CH. 2 TRAILER* Synth reverses and warm strings start this cue. Bass and celli state a reclusive melody under a processed vocal; more strings, low brass and percussion grow until :51. Orchestral and choral slams follow with a high string melody from :54 - 1:17. Energetic short strings and synth pulses provide for a busy breakdown and orchestral build until 1:43, when we slow down for a quick stop of elegant high strings and effected piano. Act 3 relentlessly pushes forward with orchestral slams and rises; the sudden stop down at 2:19 is a breath before the deep plunge into an adventures last 40 seconds! Final tag at 2:49.

From Darkness Light - BMG Production Music & Selectracks

*FEATURED IN PARAGON: REVENANT REAVEAL TRAILER* Monster metallic and distorted hits over a stuttered riser to begin. Climax at :33. Stuttered synths and action-packed short strings follow, with huge orchestral stabs at :53. Horns and Strings state a heroic melody at 1:09 over moving and active percussion; choir joins and ascends at 1:41 with a climax at 1:57. Act 3 intensifies this cue at 2:05 with epic choir and belting horns. Active percussion at 2:29 helps propel this back-end for a final push at 2:37 for a truly heightened ending.

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