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Bellicus - Killer Tracks

*FEATURED IN: OF KINGS AND PROPHETS SERIES PREMIERE TRAILER* Affected piano over minimal percussion and digital, evolving pads that climax at :32. Pulsating short strings begin Act 2 with elongated piano notes, synth percussion and low, ominous string and synth swells. Full orchestra and choir swells join at 1:00 with a large taiko ensemble, all building until 1:25. Act 2's back half is a growling brass section underneath ascending strings; percussion doubles at 1:41, choir and horns take the melody from 1:54 - 2:19. Act 3 is heroic, determined, powerful, daunting and then exciting. Final push from 2:51.

Cultum - Killer Tracks

*FEATURED IN IGN'S REVIEW OF HALO 5* Ambient, affected solo cello serenades a desolate, Sci-Fi landscape; edit points with building orchestral and perc phrases climax at :44. Ethereal choir and strings begin Act 2 with multiple stop-downs. Solo cello methodically chants over propulsive short strings and taikos until 1:39. Act 3 starts with full orchestra singing a daring melody over adventurous short strings and a building taiko ensemble; 2:03 escalates to maximum impact with greater intensity and an ascending melody, all rising to a major climax at 2:37.

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