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Final Dawn - Fired Earth Music

"Beautiful, haunting intro, featuring choir, strings and piano. Bursts into dramatic set-up featuring low strings, modern beats, growling guitar, brass and modern electronic elements from 0:37. Beautiful, emotive, but powerful string and brass melody from 1:19 with pounding drums. Top strings at 1:47 leading into drop down. Rise at 1:56 into powerful third act with emotive and epic theme. Massive rise at 2:44 into major back-end."

Warfare - Fired Earth Music

"Dark, foreboding action hybrid: [Act 1 opens with suspense strings, distorted guitars and massive hits up to :24. Adventurous short strings expand mystery and intrigue, with a second layer added at :50. Act 1 culminates with huge percussive slams at 1:11. Epic brass and drums start Act 2 with high short strings building until 1:45; a suspenseful drop down triggers the driving, heroic back-end. Horns blast our theme at 1:59 and continually rise with high strings until 2:28 with a final group of huge orchestral slams at 2:32]."

*All descriptions transcribed from the Fired Earth Music Sales Team

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