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Ascariasis - Brand X Music

"Brooding percussion, pulses and sound design take us to a dark world full of medical instruments and parasites. At :20 your post industrial nightmare begins with a relentless duet between hits and machines waiting to grind your bones. With the final act at 1:09, we realize there is no way out [of this machine-like hell]..."

Bloodletting - Brand X Music

"Bite down on the leather strap and drink something strong to ease the pain of [this] medieval and archaic healing technique. Nasty pulses join with tough percussion at :28 building with rises and synth screams [until :58. The needles get bigger and plunge deeper as you experience pain driving you toward insanity by the end]"

Imbrued - Brand X Music

"Travel back in time to when superstition reigned and what was unknown was evil in this pulsing and punishing vision. At :33, see the gasses from decaying corpses stream into the morning light. A hideous rise begins at 1:19 as you make your journey of purification."

Myiasis - Brand X Music

"...Feel the deadly emptiness of space where there is no help. Merciless hits and reverses invite [the start of] a colossal riser until :43. A stop down allows enormous hits with pulse and low screams to smash in at :48 as we run through cluttered corridors [of our abandoned cruiser] as we race toward the last escape pod..."

*All descriptions transcribed from the Brand X Sales Team

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