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Ascend - Fired Earth Music

Distant booms, sound design and ethereal pads all linger over warm string swells. Solo female vox joins in :39. Heroic brass swells and a timid short string motor follow from :52 - 1:05, joined shortly by synth pulses and a taiko ensemble. Build to 1:31 for a stop when the orchestra drops and re-emerges bigger at 1:34 with massive brass blasts and hits. Strings have the melody at 1:47 and our singer joins from 2:00 - 2:13. Orchestra and choir crash into Act 3 at 2:16 with a horn counter melody. Final push from 2:42 - 2:55; heroic orchestral tag to end.

Hour Zero - Fired Earth Music

Ominous filtered piano and string trems create a mysterious intro until :22. Act 2 begins with low brass swells and distorted hits. Busy short strings and layered synth pulses join from :41 - 1:00. Synths, ascending long strings and weighted brass swells build to 1:37 when a massive percussion ensemble joins the group. Strings soar until 1:54. Act 3 explodes with dangerous short strings cascading over a huge brass ensemble; energy increases at 2:14 and tensions heighten until the final riser and orchestral climax at 2:34.

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