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Serenity - X-Ray Dog

Warm piano cascades over high, ethereal strings. Enveloping pads and low strings support at :17 for a sincere introduction. Act 2 starts with an emotional descending string line over synth pulses and a short string motor. Horns double the melody over brass and synth blasts at 1:10, with a climax at 1:44. Passionate choir triggers the start of Act 3 at 1:45; Horns double the melody over massive percussive downbeats and short strings continue to escalate until 2:25. Sentimental piano to end.

The Way Home - X-Ray Dog

Somber, introspective piano to begin with mild synth pulses until :29. Low string ensemble swells for a melody until 1:05. Strings expand over processed percussion and heavy downbeats until 1:35 when brass and horns join the orchestra; Act 2 grows and climaxes at 2:06. Soaring choir and high, serene long strings sing beautifully over harmonic string and brass figures, slamming percussion and monstrous synth support in this glorious back-end. Hopeful piano and pads to finish.

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