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Clash of Fury - Fired Earth Music

Metallic perc and rousing short strings open this piece; additional string and brass layers at :20 build to an exciting climax at :31. Act 2 is an adventure composed of low brass swells under short strings full of action edit points. Choir at :53 builds with rising horns and trumpets to a stop down at 1:15. Short rise and orchestral stabs until 1:23. Busy short strings and low brass swells let us know the final chase is on: we end with bombastic percussion, ascending choir and full orchestral stabs from 1:57-2:03.

Destroyer - Fired Earth Music

Driving short strings, hybrid percussive elements and low orchestral swells propel us into a whirlwind of excitement until :36. Act 2 starts with a pensive short string ostinato over low orchestral builds and small brass blasts. Horns join in :52 and continue to build with the rest of the orchestra until 1:13, and again with a small tag until 1:18. Rising uncertainty is heightened by expansive brass from 1:29 - 1:39. Massive choral and orchestral stabs to finish.

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