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No Mercy - Brand X Music

Huge orchestral stabs provide for a dramatic opening. Short strings and synth pulses on top of more low orchestral stabs and percussive slams follow with mid-tempo urgency; multiple hits and stops for a climax at :54. The driving groove kicks back in with soaring horns and huge choir blasts in the back half of this dramatic cue. Multiple final stabs signal a truly epic ending.

Skyhawk - Brand X Music

Alternating synth pulses start over low strings and bass pads. Short strings and a distorted synth arp enter at :34. Full-on mystery arrives :56 with an ascending, dream-like synth lead soaring over busy short strings. Minimal percussive and synth breakdown at 1:18. Time is against us at 1:31 as we enter into a panic-stricken, frantic frenzy of intrigue and mystery for the back-end of this action cue.

Justified Glory - Brand X Music

Busy and tense short strings for an intro; massive hits and brass swells follow. Brooding tension until :33 with a synth pulse and mysterious high string breakdown. Evil choir blasts lead to a rising horn and intriguing, anticipatory and ascending short strings. We start our massive ending at 1:14 with multiple orchestral and choir stabs.

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