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Cross The Line - Brand X Music

A dirty and crushed synth pulse starts this progressive track; tense low short strings follow at :10. A washy synth lead adds sci-fi mystery. Breakdown at :36 with processed guitar over delayed percussion. Tension rises with full orchestra and moving strings at :58. Brass blasts and rising horn at 1:16 increase power and instability as we get to a massive industrial finish at 1:34.

Making The Cut - Brand X Music

We start with a reverse into sparse ticky percussion and panning, low synth arps. Processed low short strings are followed by lightly-textured high short strings and washy pads. The mystery needs to be solved in our breakdown at :53 with intriguing bells and keys. Serious and heightened drama at 1:13 with full brass support at 1:30; slamming percussion takes us to the end of this dangerous cue.

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