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Cassiopeia - Handmade Sounds

"Floating and ambient, featuring smooth synthesizer, drones and electric guitar that create a reflective, peaceful mood. Open airy pads evolve over ambient guitar and synths. Washy flutes soar over a minimal guitar melody from 0:27 to 1:04. Metallic textures appear amidst synth leads at 0:49. Warm synth arpeggios from 1:06 - 1:25. Middle section at 1:28 - 1:58 features washy flutes and winds over guitars."

Antilla - Handmade Sounds

"Spacious and dreamy, featuring smooth synthesizer and drones that create a tranquil, mellow mood. Ethereal and shimmering pads over soft choir and twinkling bells begin. Soft synth pulses from 0:42 under a plucked lead with chime arpeggios following. Wooshes and chord progression changes at 1:00 and 1:17. Metal textures begin at 1:22. Opening section returns at 1:35 with soaring synth leads to finish."

Vela - Handmade Sounds

"Smooth and peaceful, shimmering highs, rattling lows, warm mids create a dreamy, soothing mood. Open and spacious pads with metallic textures ebbing and flowing throughout. Low filtered and brassy synth lead adds movement over undulating and swirling pads."

Cetus - Handmade Sounds

"Floating and heavenly, featuring spacious synthesizer and drones that create an enchanting, relaxed mood. Spacious, enveloping and airy pads open under a filtered synth. Bell arpeggios start at 0:28 under an ascending top-line pad. Melody and harmony co-exist from 0:58 - 1:22. Low warm bass pads create a sense of vast wonder from 1:23 - 2:04. Opening section returns with rising pads and tones. End button at 2:35"

Orion - Handmade Sounds

"Atmospheric and mellow, featuring spacious synthesizer, drones and piano that create a relaxed, calm mood. Warm pads and electronic waves begin. Filtered piano over soft choir swells add pleasant textures from 0:11 - 0:51. Guitar transitions us to serenity with plucked leads over swirling and bowed metallic pads from 1:03 - 1:22. Synth leads soar over swells of ambient choir, pads and intermittent guitar to finish."

*All descriptions transcribed from the Handmade Sounds Sales Team

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