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Picking Daisies - Handmade Sounds

"Bright and lighthearted with dramedy elements that create a stately, curious mood. Innocent pizzicato strings begin, with bassoon accents and textural high percussion following. Key change at 0:47, with a solo violin introduced. Shift to middle section at 0:58 where high pizzicato take over melodic elements and are accompanied by short flutes and a clarinet. Original theme returns busier at 1:22 with a conclusion at 1:56."

Slideshow Love - Handmade Sounds

"Radiant and lighthearted with dramedy elements that create a curious, youthful mood. Waltz begins with string ensemble pizzicato, followed by flute and violin melody at 0:22. A Clarinet joins from 0:34 and high percussion comes in at 0:55 for rhythmic variety. Alto flute, violas and violins all have a staccato melody from 1:07 - 1:18. Meter change from 1:29 - 1:51 with an oboe melody. The waltz returns to end."

First Steps - Handmade Sounds

"Radiant and jovial with an encouraging, humorous mood. Cello Pizzicato strings begin the harmonic progression, then oboe and light percussion add melody and rhythm. Violin pizzicato add playful texture around 0:27. The middle section follows with sustained activity in both strings and flutes. The main theme returns with woodwinds followed by a brief conclusion at 1:50 and button ending at 2:07."

Unexpected Visitors - Handmade Sounds

"Pulsating and radiant with dramedy elements that create a sneaky, perplexing mood. Ensemble pizzicato strings introduce the track in a sneaky fashion. Woodwinds join with high percussion at 0:21. Clarinet takes the melody from 0:39 - 0:52. Breakdown at 0:54 with a key change introducing the middle section at 1:01. Intrigue turns to charm with playful percussion and woodwind accents. The original theme returns to end at 1:30."

Tunnel Colonies - Handmade Sounds

"Enthusiastic and light with dramedy elements, featuring bright pizzicato strings and percussion that create a cheerful, frisky mood. Energetic and happy pizzicato begin, slight movement follows with violins and toy percussion. Mallets join in the fun with textural riffs until a key change at 1:00. Ensemble syncopation and playful rhythms happen from 1:16 - 1:59. Key change again at 1:45. Back to the main theme at 2:02 with a small reprise."

*All descriptions transcribed from the Handmade Sounds Sales Team

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