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Days of Valour - Fired Earth Music

Eerie pads and emotive piano with a solo female vocal build to :34 for a desolate intro. A gritty synth pulse and pacing guitar are joined by two drum kits, more chugging guitars and action-strings for a propulsive Act 1. Break at 1:08. Act 2 begins with relentless short strings marching forward over low brass, powerful guitars, and drum kits; long strings and epic brass ascend from 1:28 - 2:00. Sweeping orchestral breakdown with a riser and percussion climaxing at 2:30. Act 3 soars into action with massive horns and choir belting a heroic melody until 3:08; rising percussive tag.

Reparations - Fired Earth Music

Massive low booms accentuate bass, celli, and dark synth pads. Strings and horns mildly state an emotional melody from :19 - 1:12 over growing percussion and synth arps. Act 2 ramps from escalating horns and strings to busy rhythmic percussion and massive orchestral downbeats with a climax at 1:51. Act 3 bursts open with full choir, horns and soaring strings over enormous percussion. Dramatic back-end from  2:11 - 2:37 and an enormous tutti tag at 2:39.

Dauntless - Fired Earth Music

Intimate piano begins with angelic strings accompanying at :17. Final intro chord at :34; thrilling short strings and analogue synths introduce Act 2 with giant orchestral, percussive and choral downbeats starting at 1:00 and an elegant string melody on top. Percussion picks up and brass adds heroism to the melody at 1:35, with a climax at 2:13. Act 3 is majestic and epic: soaring horns and trumpets over slamming percussion, ballad-like electric guitar and exciting short strings with choir joining at 2:50. Simple low pad and double bass tag.

Decimation - Fired Earth Music

Pulsating synth and synth-piano are joined by other synth textures and arpeggiated tones. Solo female vocal and short strings join Act 1 at :33. Low brass swells grow louder for a rising climax at 1:01. Act 2 starts with huge percussive punches with blaring brass, joined by escalating short strings at 1:26. The back-end intensifies with choir at 1:45 and again with higher brass and strings from 1:54 - 2:08. A flurry of percussion and orchestral stabs to end.

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