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Humanity Returns - Audio Network

Short strings, synth pulses and guitars add intrigue for our Hero from the very start. Epic synth and brass hits at :11, and :41 with sweeping choir and strings above. Drop-down at :51 which sets up Act 2. Long strings begin the melody at 1:05, supported by low synth pads, brass, and a percussion ensemble. Breakdown at 1:46 with majestic horn and choir; they grow at 2:06 as swells get larger with more orchestra. Our hero embarks on his final mission at 2:36 with full orchestra, guitars and large drums. The adventure gains intensity at 2:56 with a final push for action until 3:16; a victorious tag at 3:21.

Observation of Creation - Audio Network

*FEATURED IN STAR WARS: REBELS SEASON 3 TRAILER* Solo Horn over warm strings and choir to begin. Short strings start at :33 under delayed Piano and solo Cello. Rhythm picks up at 1:02 with choir and short brass building to 1:28. Breakdown follows with brass and choir swells and a rising short string figure. Horns blast the melody at 1:41 over the rest of the supporting orchestra, with taikos and toms providing depth. Choir doubles the Horns at 2:09 with high short strings countering; climax at 2:36 with slamming tag at 2:40. 

Earth's Final Hope - Audio Network

Somber piano intro to start with high ethereal strings adding angelic textures. String swells and melodies take over at :47 with low synth pads and brass supporting. Short strings begin our journey out of the atmosphere at 1:25, with the melody introduced at 1:54. Synth pulses, ascending strings and full brass chords propel us to our string melody at 2:33; perc and different short string patterns support the ever-rising melody which climaxes at 3:30. Piano notes out. 

Interstellar Impact - Audio Network

Open-ended pads and choir to begin, over an intriguing short string pattern. Mystery ensues with synth booms and distorted Sci-Fi Effects and sound design until :40. Solo female vox cascade over brass swells and busy short strings. Choir joins our female vocalist at 1:06 with percussion and synth pulses propelling us toward a climax at 1:46. Delayed percussion pump behind choir and brass swells for a breakdown. Monstrous re-entry with full orchestra singing the melody at 2:02. Choir joins back in at 2:19 for salvation. Riveting and ending from 2:34.

Unfolding Prism - Audio Network

Serene strings under a solo female vocal create a majestical, warm introduction for the first minute. We prepare for battle with synth pulses and a rising string ostinato create a sense of hope over evolving string harmonies from 1:06 to 1:40; large brass and hi long strings rise to a climax at 1:51. War is about to start when solo cello and processed piano are followed by building choir and short strings until 2:35, where we hear a full rendition of the war-cry melody in all its glory as we charge into battle!

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