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First Flight - Handmade Sounds

"Gentle and enchanting with a delicate, mystical mood. Magical Harp and Flute open our story and the clarinet and oboe take the melody until 0:48. Shakers, pizzicato strings and bassoon propel us to intrigue at 1:11. Celeste and xylophone keep time until our breakdown at 1:33. Flute & Oboe build our courage until 1:58 when we attempt to fly-clearing ground at 2:13 to soar into the sky."

Forrest Floor - Handmade Sounds

"Light and delicate with modern classical elements that create a joyous, tender mood. Harp, Piano and Oboe begin our journey. Rhythm begins with marimba and shakers followed by low pizzicato strings. Glockenspiel and clarinet provide a counter melody. Short strings start a call-and-answer with vibes at 0:46. Rhythm stops for a breakdown at 1:32. The main section returns at 1:43 for an innocent finish."

Long Winters - Handmade Sounds

"Light and magical with drama elements that create a sincere, mystical mood. Pianos begin our snowy waltz. Pizzicato strings provide motion with oboe, glockenspiel, legato strings and marimba. Beauty sweeps in at 0:38 where Harp and woodwinds take the stage. The waltz returns at 1:06 with busy marimba and elegant flute lines. Snowflakes fall from 1:19 - 1:31. Waltz returns from 1:31 to finish."

Spring Blossoms - Handmade Sounds

"Comforting and tender with a gentle, magical mood. Celeste melts away snow to begin. Flute over short strings appear as blossoms come alive. Spring awakens at 0:48 with flute melodies over harp, vibraphone, xylophone and low pizzicato strings. Flowers and animals flourish from 1:12 - 1:36. Pensive original theme from 1:37 - 1:59; busy life resumes at 2:00 till end."

Summer Stroll - Handmade Sounds

"Tranquil and delicate with a tender, intriguing mood. Summer afternoon casually begins over low pizzicato strings and piano. We begin our walk to the park with harp, solo violin, and glockenspiel. Acoustic Guitar and shakers propel us forward from 0:43 - 1:15. We stroll around the lake from 1:16 - 1:36 and start our journey home to end with harp, woodwinds, vibraphone, and a solo violin."

*All descriptions transcribed from the Handmade Sounds Sales Team

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