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Guiding Force - Brand X Music

"Atmospheric synth opener leads into massive brass chords at 0:10. At 0:30, the cellos carry the music forward with an energetic ostinato. A drop at 0:47 gives pause to the action, only for it to resume with even more power. As the horns join, carrying a heroic melody to the forefront, the piece develops further until it reaches a new height at 1:26, and the melody begins to soar. By 1:43, the choir joins in, guiding us to the climax at 2:00. Following a dramatic drop, the low brass and synths join back in at 2:09 for a forceful conclusion."

Vendetta - Brand X Music

"Chilling ambiance fills the air until 0:23, when a spiteful low string and synth ostinato joins in. Thereafter, dark, unsettling harmonies enter at 0:36 forward as the tension begins to rise. At 1:12 the strings shift upwards in texture, accelerating the piece towards a techy synth and percussion break at 1:27. Following a build to silence at 1:39, the full ensemble returns with vengeance at 1:42. After a build into 2:06, the choir joins, pushing to an exhilarating conclusion at 2:34."

Chance Of A Lifetime - Brand X Music

"Heroic and thoughtful brass opens the scene, leading into a jovial string ostinato with piano at 0:25. The orchestration thickens at 0:40 with the introduction of higher strings, soaring brass, and booming percussion and grows the melody even higher. A full pause occurs at 1:28, starts a new section of lush strings and a low melody re entering at 1:32. The piece reaches new heights at 1:47, with a heroic anthem of strings, choir, brass and percussion pushing to a sweeping climax and a full pause at 2:21. Cheerful string ostinato denouement at 2:24."

*All descriptions transcribed from the Brand X Sales Team

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