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Adonis - X-Ray Dog

*FEATURED IN THE TRAILER FOR NIKO AND THE SWORD OF LIGHT* Fast moving strings underneath toy pianos start this Family Adventure trailer. Long strings take the melody at :29 and build toward brass stabs and intricate short string patterns at :43. Orchestra gets more powerful with brass chords at :58 and and choir at 1:12. The percussion ensemble grows at 1:27 and leads to a powerful orchestral breakdown from 1:40 - 2:08, when Act 3 blasts the listener with an epic choir and horn melody, powerful short strings, and slamming percussion; one final push from 2:34 - 2:44. Toy piano and percussion tag.

An Eye For An Eye - X-Ray Dog

Innocent glock, celeste and piano over pizzicato and tremolo strings to start; choir and low strings join at :14. Children's choir takes the mystical melody at :26 over mysterious piano, joined by high strings at :43 with a climax at 1:00. Action string chugs and runs build from 1:04 - 1:25, when Act 3 starts with blaring horns belting the mystical melody supported male choir blasts. Female choir takes over at 1:40 for the start of a truly magical build to a massive climax at 2:13.

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