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The Divinity - X-Ray Dog

Guitar and synth-sound design open this epic cue. Contrary-motioned strings start at :16, with huge drums entering at :31 and building to a propulsive Act 2 at :46. The dramatic melody is stated by mid-level strings, climaxing with a riser at 1:16. Act 2 continues to grow with a large choir, escalating strings and supportive brass. Percussion doubles at 1:33 for an explosive rise into an adventurous Act 3 at 1:48 and an intense shift at 2:03 with massive orchestra. Final push from 2:23 - 2:38.

Terraforming - X-Ray Dog

Thick and processed piano over synth stutters for a pensive introduction. Orchestral swell and climax at :27. Act 2 begins with methodical low short strings over thick string and brass swells; orchestra expands from :55 - 1:03 and a somber piano breakdown follows. Act 3 explodes with a quick string statement of the melody and supporting horns over monstrous synth and brass downbeats. Epic choir and brass fillers escalate this majestic back-end from 1:40 - 2:11. This trailer finishes with a calm, serious ending.

The Final Order - X-Ray Dog

Enter the dream: Act 1 is a desolate intro with serious woosh-hits and a percussion ensemble; washy pads and affected synth pulses create an otherworldly stasis. Climax at :44. Huge low brass and hits anchor waterfall-like strings, synths and chugging guitars in Act 2. Horns enter at 1:07 with the melody. Act 2 expands and transitions into Act 3 at 1:27 with rising strings, more percussion and supporting brass leading to a massive back-end with Choir at 1:48 and intensifying short strings at 2:01. Grand orchestral and synth slam at 2:13 with fading pulses to finish.

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